Sale of dried or pickeld porcini mushrooms and products of the undergrowth
Dried porcini mushrooms

Tray of dried porcini mushrooms "special type" in ATM 100 g.

17,90 €
Product code: SPV100

Packaging in a modified atmosphere allows for the product
to maintain optimally because, in the absence of oxygen
and with the addition of inert gases it is prevented there formation the larvae.
The problem shows up in the traditional preservation of the product not treated with additives

The Special quality is formed by mushrooms cut in slices more big and mature. It is a mixture between entire slices and big pieces, with a clear colour (like hazelnut) and with an aroma more intense. This type of mushroom is suggested for a daily use, for dishes where the aroma of the mushroom must be prevalent.

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Packaging: Tray in AERpack

Net weight: 100 g.


Dried porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis and its group)
Subject to natural decrease – the content complies with the law
Preserve in a fresh and dry place, far from heat sources
To be eaten after cooking

  • approximative dimensions of the tray:
    18 cm x 25 cm x 4 cm


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