Sale of dried or pickeld porcini mushrooms and products of the undergrowth
Pickled mushrooms

Mixture of mushrooms in olive oil 500 g.

11,50 €
Product code: FM580

Mushrooms of best edible qualities. It is our tradition to prepare also other types of mushroom in addition to the famous cep. It is possible to enjoy 4 tastes of different and very consistent mushrooms. A good alternative to the famous cep.

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Packaging: glass jar

Net weight: 520 g


In variable proportion:
Cut porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis ans its group), Nameko ( Pholiota nameko), charbonnier ( Tricholoma portentosum), straw mushroom ( Volvariella volvacea), olive oil, salt, vinegar, citric acid, natural aromas.

It can contain traces of sulphites not added.