Sale of dried or pickeld porcini mushrooms and products of the undergrowth
Dried porcini mushrooms

Dried porcini mushrooms Extra First

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This kind of mushroom has a delicate aroma. It lends itself to garnish elaborated dished where the aroma of the mushroom must have a lower importance compared to other ingredients. It is also suggested for a present because its clear colour and the entire slices give a perfect visual effect. In this case, it is possible to buy it unpacked (at weight) removing the packaging cost. The product will be weighed in paper bags for food, closed with our label, packed and ready for shipment

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Packaging: paper bag

Net weight: 100 g


Dried porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis and its group)

Subject to natural decrease – the content complies with the law

Preserve in a fresh and dry place, far from heat sources

To be eaten after cooking

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