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The information of Google Analytics collected from this website are anonymous (with the function ga('set', 'anonymizeIp', true);). Their names are __utma (Duration 2 years), __utmb (Duration only for the active session), __utmz (Duration 6 months), __utmv (Duration 2 years), __utmk __utmv (Duration 2 years)

(They are assimilated to technical cookies according to the action of the Italian Data Protection Authority dd. 08.05.2014)

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Identification of simplified ways for the information and collection of the approval for the use of cookies - 8th may 2014 [3118884]:

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy shall apply to this website and it is referred to the treatment of personal data carried out by the PRIMIZIE DELLA BOTTEGA DEL FUNGO (hereafter, the “Company”), head office Via Nazionale 66, 43043 Borgo Val di Taro – VAT Number 01943060341, during the navigation on the website and during the interaction of users with the services and functionalities of the same.

The Privacy Policy is issued according to the Recommendation n. 2/2001, passed on 17th May 2001 by the Working Group for the Protection of Personal Data and moreover, it represents also the information to the person concerned according to the article 13 of the Legislative Decree 30th June 2003, n. 196 (the “Privacy Code”).

The Privacy Policy states the identity of the owner for the treatment which controls and manages the personal data collected through the website, he indicates what are the collected personal information, the purposes and the way of treatment, the scope of the communication of these data to third parties, the safety measures passed to protect the personal data of the user, the ways given to the user in order to verify the treatment of his personal data and in order to exert his rights approved by the Privacy Code.

The owner of the treatment is

Via Nazionale 66, 43043 Borgo Val di Taro
VAT Number: 01943060341

The nature and type of collected and treated data

The Company collects and treats the personal data voluntarily given by the user during the dispatch of an order, during the registration on the website, during the information request, during the registration to the newsletter. The personal data, that the Company collects and treats, include: name, address, e-mail, telephone number, and other personal information necessary to proceed with the specific service enjoyed by the user starting from the website. The navigation on the website doesn't imply the provision of personal data, but the collection of the same is necessary for the dispatch of the orders and for the services asked by the user, as, the registration to the website, the registration to the newsletter, the answer to the user's questions and the dispatch of the information asked by the user. In specific sections of the website where the data are collected, it is published an appropriate information issued according to the article 13 of the Privacy Code. When it is necessary, according to the Privacy Code, the Company asks for the approval of the user before to proceed with the treatment of personal data. Moreover, the Company treats the navigation data of the users, that is the data whose transmission to the website is implicit for the functioning of the computer systems used for the management of the website and the use of Internet communication protocols. For example, the navigation data are: IP addresses, domain name of the computers used by users that are connected to the website and other information about the type of computer systems used by the user. The navigation data are collected and treated by the Company only for statistic purposes on the access and use of the website, and for monitoring purposes about the correct functioning of the website; these data could be used for check of possible responsibilities in event of computer crimes against the website, that is if they are carried out through the same. Except for this hypothesis, the Company keeps the navigation data of the users for a period necessary for the purposes above mentioned, and the data could be keep only in anonymous form.

The conservation place of collected personal data

The collected personal data will be conserved and treated through an electronic system managed by the Company that is situated at our provider.

The characteristics and treatment methods of the personal data

The personal data (voluntarily given by the user) will be used by the Company for the dispatch of the orders, the management of the user's registration to the website, the dispatch of the newsletter after the registration of the user to this service, the answer to user's questions and the dispatch of information asked by the user.

The personal data collected by the Company are mainly treated with automatic instruments but also without the use of electronic instruments, only for the necessary time to obtain the specific purpose of treatment and according to the actual provisions about the safety, with particular but not exclusive referral to the attachment B (Technical Disciplinary about the minimum safety measures) of the Privacy Code. Moreover, the computer systems and software are set up to reduce to the minimum the use of personal and identity data not necessary for the specific purposes of treatment.

Communication area of personal data

The Company communicates the personal data of the user within the limits and with the methods specified in this Privacy Policy and in the information published during the data provision and, in any case, respecting the approval given by the user during the data collection, when requested by the Privacy Code. The Company can use third parties in order to dispatch your orders and to give you the asked services. To these third parties, we give only the information necessary to the completion of the related functions; your personal data are treated by these third parties for the same purposes for which they have been collected. Your personal data will be accessible inside the Company only to the people that need to know them according to their tasks and as in charge for the treatment, for the dispatch of the orders, to allow your registration on the website, to answer to your questions and to send you the requested information. Moreover, the data will be accessible for the Responsible of the treatment, where appointed. Moreover, your personal data could be communicated to banks and banking institution, professionals, self-employed workers, business partners of the Company, third parties used by the Company in relation to the purposes of the treatment above mentioned, as well as to anyone is the rightful addressee of the communications foreseen by the law. We will never communicate your personal data to third parties for advertising purposes and we will never publish them.

The provision of personal data

Except for those described about the navigation data, the data provision from the user is necessary for the dispatch of the orders and for the presentation of the services asked by the user, as the registration to the website, the registration to the newsletter, the answer to the questions and the dispatch of the information asked by the user; a possible refusal will prevent the Company to carry out its contractual obligations, that is to give a service or the requested information to the user.

User's rights

According to the article 7 of the Privacy Code and as person concerned, the user has the right to obtain (in every moment) the confirmation about the existence or not of data about him, to know the content and the origin, to check the correctness, to ask for their integration, update or correction, to ask for the cancellation, conversion in anonymous form or the block of the data treated in violation of the law, that is he can object to the treatment of personal data for justified reasons. For any other question regarding the treatment of your personal data, you can contact us using the e-mail address indicated in the page “contact”.